Considerations for upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to 2013

I'm pleased to again be invited to speak at SharePoint Saturday UK 2012, Nottingham 8th December 2012.

I want to set the scene to help you decide if my session is for you. Firstly, I wont be doing any demo's (sorry!) and secondly, I won't be doing a deep-dive into Technical features of SharePoint 2013 as there are plenty of other sessions throughout the day that will touch on these. What I will be doing is continuing the theme from previous presentations is the planning aspect around gearing up for SharePoint 2013 and things you should consider that you may not have thought about continuing my drive to help others deliver successful SharePoint platforms / stories. I will share some experiences my team have of working with early adopters of the technology.

So who should attend my session? Project managers, product managers, architects, IT Pro's and managers to name a few.

I hope to see you there and don't forget #SharePint afterwards.



Anonymous said...

Definitely attending your session! And the SharePint for that matter :)

Paul Grimley said...

Great, see you there Thomas!


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