Microsoft SQL Server Database Maintenance for SharePoint 2007

Often overlooked when implementing SharePoint 2007 is the ongoing maintenance of the SQL Servers.

There is a great Microsoft whitepaper which can be download from

VMware Server 2 – ‘Unknown (Inaccessible)’ virtual machines running from external hard drive

I’ve started to play around with VMware Server 2 to leverage 64bit from my CPU for virtualisation.

On a few occasions I have logged onto the VMware admin and my virtual machines show as ‘unknown (Inaccessible)’ as shown below:


I have noticed that if you don’t connect your external hard drive prior to booting the laptop you will have this issue. VMware does not seem to like plugging in the hard drive after boot up and does not detect it although the OS can happily see it and read/write to and from it.


I’m bound not to remember to insert my drive on every boot as I may not have planned to fire up the VM’s during the duration. So I have found that if you insert your external hard drive after boot and then go to services and restart the ‘VMware Host Agent’ service as shown below:


Rebooting of this service will detect your VM’s next time you log into the VMware web admin.

That saves 10 minutes closing down all my programs and rebooting (and forgetting what I was doing before rebooting :-)).

Hope that's of some use to you, please do leave a comment so I know I'm blogging about something you find useful!

I did it – 8.5 Mile Great Midlands Fun Run

imageI ran 8.5 miles in a local fun run in Sutton Coldfield. Big thanks to my running partner Paul Hughes who was a big encouragement all the way round.

I know to some this may not seem like a big feat but I’d never run this distance before. 

With temperatures averaging 25 degrees C (77 degrees Fahrenheit) it was a great day.

Not sure of my exact time however hoping it was between 1hr20 – 1hr30. Results published Friday 5th June and will be updated here.

Congratulations to my partner Sarah who raised £300 for the stroke association – a charity close to her heart after a family member recently suffered a stroke but fortunately back on the road to recovery.

More info on the Great Midlands Fun Run.

*** UPDATE 05/06/09 ***

Just got my time in @ 1hr 27mins and 18secs – just over 10 minute miles, not bad considering all I want to do was finish regardless of the time!