I did it – 8.5 Mile Great Midlands Fun Run

imageI ran 8.5 miles in a local fun run in Sutton Coldfield. Big thanks to my running partner Paul Hughes who was a big encouragement all the way round.

I know to some this may not seem like a big feat but I’d never run this distance before. 

With temperatures averaging 25 degrees C (77 degrees Fahrenheit) it was a great day.

Not sure of my exact time however hoping it was between 1hr20 – 1hr30. Results published Friday 5th June and will be updated here.

Congratulations to my partner Sarah who raised £300 for the stroke association – a charity close to her heart after a family member recently suffered a stroke but fortunately back on the road to recovery.

More info on the Great Midlands Fun Run.

*** UPDATE 05/06/09 ***

Just got my time in @ 1hr 27mins and 18secs – just over 10 minute miles, not bad considering all I want to do was finish regardless of the time!


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