I’m Married - My Wedding Story

Key West Sunset Taken by me I don’t normally write about myself on my blog or talk about myself publicly, however reading  other peoples blogs / tweets I don’t think it’s a bad thing to know a little outside of the reason people follow me on twitter and read my blog.

I’m really writing this blog so in years to come I can look back and reflect on what a fantastic time I had.

After a year of deliberating on where to get married we finally decided on Orlando, Florida – USA, more specifically the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress.

We invited 35 family and friends from the UK to join us on our special day and to our amazement every single person who we invited came.

As we had so may people out with us at various times during our three weeks out in Florida we created an itinerary of where we would be and when (thank God we did!).

We achieved (and I have no idea how) 6 theme parks in 6 days leading up to the wedding leaving us only the day before the wedding to relax which never happened.

We did the following theme parks during our stay:image

  • Day 1 – Seaworld
  • Day 2 – Hollywood Studios
  • Day 3 – Epcot
  • Day 4 – Aquatica
  • Day 5 – Busch Gardens
  • Day 6 – Universal Studios
  • Day 12 – Magic Kingdom

The wedding day was a fantastic success and we had a great time at the Hyatt. For our honeymoon we headed down to Key West, a nice 400 mile / 8 hour journey but definitely worth the journey for the views.

Following our three weeks out in the States we also had a party back in the UK for all our family and friends back home all in all making our wedding last exactly a month.

Looking back on our fantastic experience our perfect time was only possible with some really great family and friends who without would not of made our time as special a big thank you to them all.

Connections disappear in Synchronization Connections in SharePoint 2010 User Profile Import

*** UPDATE 05/07/11 ***
I noticed that this blog entry seems very popular from the stats I receive and wanted to provide an updated stance on the original blog I posted almost a year ago regarding this issue.

Basically at the time of writing this post there was limited experience and documention out there regarding this and for me the below seemed to work. HOWEVER since then naturally my experience of diagnosing the User Profile service and issues surrounding it and would suggest that if you have the symptoms I experienced below there is something fundementally wrong and the resolution I provided may only be a temporary fix ad the issue may re-appear.

So my advice is to make sure you have fully read and configured your environment in preparation for the User Profile service and if you have this issue still revisit the pre-requisites and make sure you have done EVERYTHING suggested in the link here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee721049.aspx and troubleshooting here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg750257.aspx.

Finally you need patience! without this you are more than likely going to make a mistake!

Good luck

*** Original Post ***
On a recent SharePoint 2010 install I came up against a strange scenario where a newly created profile connection disappeared from the page as shown below.
I found that this was due to ‘Forefront Identity Manager Service’ had not automatically restarted upon reboot of the server.
Open services.msc snap in locate the ‘Forefront Identity Manager Service’ service and start the service.
Simply refreshing the Synchronization Connections page made the connection reappear.
Sorry - this wont solve all your profile import issues but hopefully helps.