Customising Microsoft ISA 2006 Forms (with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007)

I noticed recently that whilst researching customising ISA forms there was very little around. I will run through a quick guide on how to create and modify a simple ISA form for use with Microsoft Office SharePoint Services 2007.

1. Locate the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server\CookieAuthTemplates (The drive may be different depending upon the installation).

2. Copy the folder called ‘ISA’ and rename to something relevant for example ‘Extranet’. DO NOT MODIFY THE CURRENT ISA FOLDER AS THIS IS NOT SUPPORTED BY MICROSOFT.

3. Within the newly created Extranet folder navigate to the sub folder ‘HTML’.

4. Within the folder there are a few files worth noting:

  • lgnbottom.gif, lgnleft.gif and lgnright.gif – these are images that surround the ISA form. A simple modification would be to change the colour on these to match that of your corporate branding colours.
  • lgntop.gif – This is currently the ISA banner and this is where your corporate image should be placed. Make sure the image is the correct size as the original to avoid issues rendering.
  • logon_style.css – This is the style sheet used for the logon form and this will need to be changed to the same colours used on the banner and surrounding images.
  • Located in the subfolder nls->en is a file called strings.txt. This contains the text that is displayed on the form for example you could change DOMAIN\user name: to Email:.

5. Once you have made the relevant modifications you need to apply these to the relevant site. Open ISA Server Management console and navigate to the web listener applied to the site published.

6. Navigate to the forms tab as shown below:


Check the box ‘Use customized HTML’ and enter the name of the folder you created in step 2. Notice from the drop down under ‘Display the HTML forms in this language’ there is a list of languages. If you need to modify each language you will need to modify the appropriate strings.txt file as mentioned at the end of step 4. You an also change the form at site level if you do not want to apply this to all site using the web listener.

7. Once you have changed this option make sure to apply your changes.


8. Lastly you need to restart the firewall service – MAKE SURE THIS IS PERFORMED OUT OF HOURS IF ON A PRODUCTION SERVER.


From the monitoring tab, select the tab within the main window called ‘Services’ . Right click on ‘Microsoft Firewall’ and click stop. The service status will change to stopped. Again right click and click start. You call also restart this service from within services.msc.

You should now see when you log onto your a customised login form.

Hope this is of some use.

Microsoft Confirm Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 due for release on 28th April 2009

See link for more information:

Couple (or three) of SharePoint / WSS highlights:

  • Internet Explorer 8 has been added to the browser support matrix as level one
  • SP2 will provide support for a broader range of Web Browsers (no more info given at this stage)
  • SP2 will be the first to have a uninstall client updates through a separately downloaded tool Microsoft Service Pack Uninstall Tool for the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite