2012 has been a great year!

For me in 2012 I managed to achieve a major milestone in my career. I've had some great highlights for 2012; however, the main highlight for me was joining Microsoft, a lifelong ambition of mine. This doesn’t take away some of the other awesome things I have managed to do in 2012 including presenting at 3 large events, visiting Microsoft worldwide HQ (Redmond), worked with some great people / clients, continued to attend SharePoint user groups and most importantly stay in touch with some great people in the community.

Whilst the world is in turmoil I am truly grateful to be in the position I am and one thing I never do is take it for granted!

For 2013, I hope for more of the same! I expect with general availability of SharePoint 2013 next year will be more of the same for me in terms of business and I'm not complaining!

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2013



madpixie said...

Great way of looking at things, we're all lucky really and we don't realise it enough. Happy Christmas to you too.


Paul Grimley said...

Thanks Judy, you too.

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