We’re hiring–July 2012

MS_Logo_BlackIts exciting times at Microsoft with Office 2013, SharePoint 2013, Windows 8, Surface… the list goes on of product releases taking place and as part of this we’re continuing to grow the consultancy practice to accommodate the increased demand experienced and we’re looking for great people to compliment the excellent team’s we already have here.

Closer to home in my team Business Productivity - MCS UK we are looking for (more) SharePoint experts to join the team.

If other than the opportunity to work for Microsoft you need a reason to come and join, here’s a few things I have certainly found to be of benefit:

  • Opportunity to work with some truly inspiring people
  • Access to all Microsoft’s training material
  • Working on Enterprise accounts
  • Excellent development prospects and supporting management to help achieve your ambitions
  • Fantastic benefits package
  • Great work / life balance
  • Large discounts on Microsoft products

So if you’re interested contact me on LinkedIn and I'll happily have a conversation with you. Please note you must have extensive experience of both working with the SharePoint platform and client facing consulting to apply so please consider this before getting in touch.


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