SharePoint databases report ‘Database is in compatibility range and upgrade is recommended’ after upgrade

Following on from previous blog and day 2 of upgrade found some of the databases were reporting the following error:

Database is in compatibility range and upgrade is recommended

This was appearing on non content databases (as in SharePoint system databases).

This seemed strange as I mentioned in my previous blog that the upgrade had been successful so was a little perplexed to find this issue.

After a little research there didn't seem to be anything that looked to answer my problem.

Although this blog was referring to Windows 7 it was interesting in helping my trail of thought and also made me aware that you can only upgrade content databases and not just standard SharePoint system databases using PowerShell

Another article relating to this was found here where no solution had actually been found (at the time of blogging)

So concluding that I could only upgrade content databases the above did not help in resolving the issue.

The two databases in question were:

Database – Type

WSS_Search - SPSearchDatabase

WSS_UsageApplication - SPUsageDatabase

I finally managed to resolve the problem by running a b2b upgrade command:

PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures

Credit to this blog ( for pointing out the b2b command as I was having issues running this prior to finding this.


Mohd Al-Bakri said...

thx alot ,,, this fix also ( when you do upgrade and istall the SP1 , run the config wizard , check the version its still stuck on the RTM version) i did restart also the same.
i run this command , thats fix it now the server version is 61016.5002

Paul Grimley said...

Hi Mohd

Glad it helped. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Anonymous said...

I get an upgrade successful message but I look and the database still reports it hasn't been updated. the WSS_search database just refuses to update.

Chris Howell said...
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Chris Howell said...


Thanks for sharing this. Helped me today as I was seeing this issue in one of the VM I use for writing reviews.



Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, saved my day!

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