SharePoint 2010 user profile property fields disabled after full farm restore

I received this error on a SharePoint 2010 full farm restore when trying to access the Managed Metadata Service application. The farm was a single server with local SQL installed.

I originally received an error relating to  certain user profile properties stating:

There was a problem retrieving data for this field. Updating values in this field is disabled temporarily. You can still update values in other fields

I found a blog article by Wictor Wilén which pointed me in the right direction and when I clicked on the Managed Metadata Service I received the error:

The Service Application being requested does not have a Connection associated with the Central Administration web application. To access the term management tool use Site Settings from a site configured with the appropriate Connection


I discovered the reason for this error was due to the restored service applications not being associated to the default Application Proxy Group (as they were before the restore).

Navigating to Central Admin->Application Management->Configure service application associations and re-adding the service application back into the group will resolve the issue.


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