My Site and My Profile links missing from SharePoint 2010

If like me you’re trying to find out why My Site and My Profile links are missing from the drop down.


A couple of things you need to check:

  • You have a valid My Site Host location setup to accommodate mysites.
  • Your search crawl account has access to the user profile service application (see George Khali’s blog) and has carried out a full crawl checking no errors are showing for access denied to the mysites web app / site collection.
  • Check that if you enter the web app url manually you are able to gain access to your mysite.

Once you’ve carried out a full crawl then run an iisreset the to links should appear (They did for me anyway!).


Billy said...

Paul, for the average sharepoint person, you're check list is a little vague. I found a better solution by going to the link below. I needed to restart IIS as well which isn't mentioned to get it working. In my case I had to put a tick against "use Personal features" to enable instead of disable as the article mentions.

Paul Grimley said...

Billy, Thanks for your feedback - just to clarify the IISRESET is in my blog in the last line :). I appreciate its a little vague and its a fine line with the time I have to blog as to the detail I go into vs not blogging. I guess as you found the article its better being there than not and credit to the blog you mention following up mine that has detailed the steps for doing this and thanks for commenting and sharing the link.

Billy said...

Paul, I wasn't trying to be critical in any way. I just thought I would put the link up in case someone else that has the issue ends up here and needs a step by step solution that worked for me. By the way, I meant that IIS Reset wasn't mentioned in the Blog article that I linked in. ;)

Paul Grimley said...

Billy, sorry I can see how my response looked a little defensive - it certainly wasnt meant to be read that way, I'm always happy for input on my blog - good and bad as it means someone reads it :). Thanks again and ultimately you fixed your problem which was the main reason you ended up here. Cheers Paul.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why, but I discovered that one of the FIM services had stopped. I manually restarted it, then did an IISReset (not sure if I needed to do that), and the links came back.

Anonymous said...


is the Services account used to configure "My site" web application must be the same as for configure User profile synchronization ?

If no is the account used to configure My site web application must have some specific permission on the AD or in the SQL database ?


Paul Grimley said...

@ Anon 3rd May - Check out This provides all the permissions for SharePoint (Albeit 2013 still applies to 2010 in the most part. You provision web apps (e.g. MySite) using an account with farm privileges (DB creator and Security Admin as minimum) noting in production environments you should have separate accounts with farm privileges to provision web apps for security purposes.

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