Emailing SharePoint 2007 Email Enabled Lists from Distribution Groups Not Working - Workaround

Ok so here’s the scenario. I’ve setup incoming email on SharePoint with an excellent whitepaper provided by Steve Smith from Combined Knowledge.

So I have a SharePoint 2007 Farm with Exchange 2007 server and have successfully created incoming folders on SharePoint which successfully creates email contacts in an OU in AD so all good so far!

The list would happily accept emails from other email accounts if emailed directly however adding the newly created contact to a distribution group in Exchange and sending the mail via the Distribution Group would fail. I managed to come across this blog post and this solved the problem: 

Basically deleting the contact SharePoint created and create one in Exchange adding this to the distribution group works!

I’d be interested to hear from any Exchange admins as to what is different in the creation of a contact in Exchange and that created by SharePoint.


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