Connecting SharePoint RSS Viewer web part to a SharePoint List RSS Feed

If you’ve ever tried to connect an RSS Viewer web part to a SharePoint List on the same web app / site collection you may have received the following error when you try to enter the feed:

The RSS webpart does not support authenticated feeds.

So from a quick browsing of the web I found very little that updated on Mark Arend’s blog. This talks about the need for Kerberos authentication if you require the list supplying the RSS feed to require authentication rather than allowing anonymous access which may or may not be an option depending on the uses of SharePoint.

Kerberos is somewhat a little challenging to setup and if you do need to have authenticated feeds there are some great Kerberos overviews for SharePoint by a colleague of mine Mike Cox which you can check out here. Just so you know enabling Kerberos in SharePoint isn’t a case of just enabling the option in Authentication Providers in SharePoint Central Admin.


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