How to Change Portal Site Connection for all new Mysites created in MOSS 2007

Quite a common request when working with Mysites is how do you change the Portal Site Connection so that new Mysites can navigate back to the portal.

There is an easy way to change this setting globally so each new Mysite user does not have to manually change this.

I couldn’t find a way to do this from the SSP and following a bit of testing discovered that if you navigate to the root of Mysites web app and add to the end of the url _layouts/portal.aspx (e.g. http://mysites/_layouts/portal.aspx) and select Portal Site Connection


From here enter the portal connection details and this will then apply to all new Mysites created, unfortunately this does not apply to existing sites so make sure you apply this setting early to avoid either creating a custom feature or many support calls.


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