Redirecting SharePoint Websites from Port 80 to 443 using IIS 6 and no code!

Here’s a quick guide to redirect SharePoint websites from port 80 to 443 SSL without code.

Before you start you need to make sure that the host header for port 80 is not already assigned to the SharePoint Web App. If it is just edit the hostname and just call it something like ‘notused’ – kind of gives you a clue when other administrators log on that this is not in use.

Next step is to do is create an IIS web site using the IIS mmc and not through SharePoint. Lets say that the SharePoint site is called ‘sharepoint’ enter the details as shown below changing the IP address you have assigned for the sharepoint DNS record.


Once you have created the Web Application right click on it and select properties. Navigate to the home directory tab


Change ‘The content for this resource should come from:’ to A redirection to a URL


Enter the url https://sharepoint (Noting https) and check the box The exact URL entered above and click ok.

You now have a redirection from http to https!


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