Errors after installing Infrastructure update for MOSS 2007

I've ran into this issue a couple of time when installing service pack updates and on both occasions found Akifs blog below so felt it was worth a mention, details of the specific issue can be seen below:


Errors after installing Infrastructure update for MOSS 2007
During last month, I applied Infrastructure udate of SharePoint 2007 in my development envrionment and everything was working like a charm. So I decided to apply the same fix in my production environment this week.

Here I will like to mention one thing. I started this project as migration one where we were supposed to migrate MOSS 2007 + Windows 2003 environment to MOSS 2007 SP1 + Windows 2008 environment. So it was basically a restored farm.

After applying the Infrastructure upgrade, I started facing the issues:

"The resource object with key 'S2SearchAdminDashboard_Title' was not found" for Search Administration site


"The resource object with key 'S2LeftNav_Administration' was not found" for other search links.

After searching a while on Google, I was able to find the solution. Solution is quite simple. Sort all files within App_GlobalResources folder based on the date in the development environment where everything was working fine. Copy files which were modified on 3/25/2008. These will be the most new ones. Copy them over to the SSP virtual directory of your troubling farm within the same App_GlobalResources folder. These files are:

and sps.resx

Then if you will try, you will get the following error:

Could not find the sitemap node with URL '/SearchAdministration.aspx'.

Now this time, copy layouts.sitemap file which will be the most latest modified file within _app_bin folder from the development environment to production environment. As soon as that was copied over, the search administration page appeared fine.


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