SUGUK - Nottingham SharePoint On-Premises vs. Cloud – Facilitated Discussion

Thanks to everyone who attended last Thursday's (24th October 2013) session. Some great debate and myths discussed. A big thank you to those who travelled from far away to come along and participate in the session which makes it all worthwhile.

In brief, the feedback I received from the session was that if you client / company isn't ready to go cloud then make sure to focus on developing On-Premises solutions to work in Office 365 to avoid later needing to re-engineer.

A great article has just been published called
'Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Platform Options
What BDMs and architects need to know about Office 365, Windows Azure, and on-premises deployments' and this can be downloaded here:

A question was raised as to any details regarding Social and in particular Yammer. Another article regarding Social called: 'Social feature support for SharePoint Server 2013' can be found here: with additional information regarding Yammer and SharePoint here:

I hope the information above is useful and look forward to seeing you / presenting at future events.

Thanks again for supporting the SUGUK community!

SharePoint Saturday 2012 Slides

I've finally got around to posting my slides from SharePoint Saturday 2012 discussing the considerations for upgrading to from SharePoint 2010 to 2013.

I have to say all the background effort and work is worth it when you see a full room and standing room only, so for those who attended - thank you.

For those who weren't able to attend to accompany these slides I posted a pre-event blog to give you so context to the slides.

It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some of those who I'd only spoken to in the virtual world.

Some additional links discussed during the session which I promised to add:

Support statements for Virtualisation
SharePoint 2013 PLA (Product Line Architecture) Sorry no public link available (that I'm aware of)

2012 has been a great year!

For me in 2012 I managed to achieve a major milestone in my career. I've had some great highlights for 2012; however, the main highlight for me was joining Microsoft, a lifelong ambition of mine. This doesn’t take away some of the other awesome things I have managed to do in 2012 including presenting at 3 large events, visiting Microsoft worldwide HQ (Redmond), worked with some great people / clients, continued to attend SharePoint user groups and most importantly stay in touch with some great people in the community.

Whilst the world is in turmoil I am truly grateful to be in the position I am and one thing I never do is take it for granted!

For 2013, I hope for more of the same! I expect with general availability of SharePoint 2013 next year will be more of the same for me in terms of business and I'm not complaining!

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2013


Considerations for upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to 2013

I'm pleased to again be invited to speak at SharePoint Saturday UK 2012, Nottingham 8th December 2012.

I want to set the scene to help you decide if my session is for you. Firstly, I wont be doing any demo's (sorry!) and secondly, I won't be doing a deep-dive into Technical features of SharePoint 2013 as there are plenty of other sessions throughout the day that will touch on these. What I will be doing is continuing the theme from previous presentations is the planning aspect around gearing up for SharePoint 2013 and things you should consider that you may not have thought about continuing my drive to help others deliver successful SharePoint platforms / stories. I will share some experiences my team have of working with early adopters of the technology.

So who should attend my session? Project managers, product managers, architects, IT Pro's and managers to name a few.

I hope to see you there and don't forget #SharePint afterwards.


Error installing SharePoint 2013 Preview on Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate


Whilst attempting to install SharePoint 2013 onto a freshly installed (domain joined) Windows 2012 Data Center RC build I ran into errors installing the SharePoint 2013 prerequisites / binaries. From reviewing the output log whilst installing the prerequisites the error I suspected was interrupting the install was as shown below:

“error when enabling v4.0.30319”


  • Hyper-V hosted on Windows 8 Release Preview
  • SharePoint 2013 Preview Build: 15.0.4128.1014
  • Windows Server 2012 RC Build: 8400
  • Forest / Domain functional level: Windows 2008 R2

I tried various things to attempt to resolve this including adding roles and features manually as well as attempting to register ASP.NET 4 using command:

%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe -i –enable

The above proved unsuccessful and then came across this forum on TechNet 


The solution was to remove the Windows Server 2012 from the domain run the prerequisites and then install the preview followed by adding the server back to the domain.

I appreciate this isn't ideal however this resolved the problem for me and I will feed this back to the product group.